Norfolk Island Holiday Packages

A stay on Norfolk Island is relaxing and informative. Beautiful pictures of nature, paceful sounds from the wind and the waves as pine filled scents fill the air. Don't complicate your Norfolk Island holiday by chasing down the best deals for your accommodation and flights and car hire and activities individually. Check out our Norfolk Island holiday packages - not only do you reduce the hassle of planning and booking a holiday by going through one travel agent but you will save an absolute fortune too.

Are bed and breakfasts your favourite holiday? Maybe apartments and resorts suit your style more. Norfolk Island has a bit of all of them. Once you have found your accommodation type, half your holiday is already planned. For all the holiday packages available on Norfolk Island visit our package finder

Top Norfolk Island Packages

Boutique Resort: Historic + Dinner Tours

7 Nights, Flights, Transfers, Orientation Tour, Convict Tour, Fish Fry Dinner Tour

per person twin share

Ultimate Value: Car Hire + Tour + Flights

Panorama Seaside Apartments
7 Nights, Flights, Transfers, Car Hire, Half Day Tour, Island Fish Fry

per person twin share

Escape to Historic Norfolk: Car Hire + Tour

7 Nights, Flights, Transfers, Car Hire & Insurance, Convict Tour

per person twin share

Norfolk Island Escape: Tour + Dinner

Castaway Norfolk Island
7 Nights, Flights, Transfers, Convict Settlement Tour, Island Fish Fry Dinner Tour

per person twin share

Relaxing Norfolk Island Holiday

Hideaway Retreat
5 Nights

per person twin share

Norfolk Island Retreat + Car Hire

Aloha Apartments
3 Nights, Transfers, Car Hire, Tour

per person twin share

Peaceful Norfolk Island Getaway: 2 Free Nights

Pine Valley Apartments
7 Nights, Transfers

per person twin share

Norfolk Island Holiday Value

Paradise Hotel & Resort
4 Nights, Transfers, Breakfast, Tour, Welcome Drink, Local Shuttle

per person twin share

Great Value Norfolk Island + Car Hire

Fletcher Christian Holiday Apartments
5 Nights, Transfers, Car Hire, Tour, Parking

per person twin share