Restaurants & Eating Out

Norfolk has a variety of restaurants providing a range of experiences and cuisines. Choose from a range of cuisines from the restaurants dotted around the island. For a more unique island experience, a progressive dinner is an excellent way to experience the best of Norfolk hospitality and discover some of the local cuisine such as Mudda and Pilhai.

Sample restaurant directory below

Browse through our restaurant directory below to find somewhere to eat during your visit.

Dino's Restaurant
Bumboras Rd Norfolk Island

Hilli Restaurant & Cafe
Queen Elizabeth Ave Norfolk Island

The Olive
The Village Pl Norfolk Island

The Bowlo Bistro
Taylors Rd Norfolk Island

High Tide Kitchen
Taylors Rd Norfolk Island

Cafe Tempo
Taylors Rd Norfolk Island

The Golden Orb Bookshop & Cafe
Taylors Rd Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island Golf Club
Quality Row Norfolk Island